Coldd Lassi Aur Chicken Masala (2019)

Release Date 03 Sep 2019
Season 1
Genre Romance, Drama
Language Hindi
Platform ALTBalaji, ZEE5


Fate brings ex-lovers Nitya, Indie Spice's head chef, and Vikram, a Michelin Star chef, together after 8 yrs. Memories of the lost love return along with the bitterness of past, leading to a sweet and spicy story with love aur drama ka tadka.
Coldd Lassi Aur Chicken Masala is Hindi Romance-Drama web series with Divyanka Tripathi and Rajeev Khandelwal in the lead role. It is currently streaming at ALTBalaji and ZEE5.

Where to watch season 1 of Coldd Lassi Aur Chicken Masala online?

You can watch season 1 online here at ALTBalaji and ZEE5 .

Cast & Creator

The full cast of Coldd Lassi Aur Chicken Masala includes Divyanka Tripathi and Rajeev Khandelwal. Divyanka Tripathi has also worked in shows Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. Rajeev Khandelwal has also worked in shows Haq Se and Marzi and movies like Table No. 21, Shaitan and Aamir. The creator of the series is Pradeep Sarkar, who has also created films like Mardaani, Parineeta and Lafangey Parindey.

List of Episodes for Season 1

S1 E1 . Raita Phail Gaya
Temperamental chef Nitya Sharma decides to quit her job when a Michelin starred chef takes Vikram Singh over her restaurant.
03 Sep '19
S1 E2 . Not-so-Dost Ka Roast
03 Sep '19
S1 E3 . Haal-e-Haldi Haldi
Nitya cannot fathom that Vikram has moved on in life. She accepts that he still impacts her even after all these years.
03 Sep '19
S1 E4 . Kuch Bitter Kuch Sweet
Cold-hearted Vikrant is ruining Manira’s life, Nitya is convinced. She is determined to stop him from doing so.
03 Sep '19
S1 E5 . Midnight Masala
Nitya realizes her mistake and goes to meet Vikram. Later they spend an entire night discussing old memories and dreams.
03 Sep '19
S1 E6 . Dil, Dimag aur Dard-e-Dum
Vikram finally meets his son. Later, at the inauguration party, things go south between Nitya and Vikram.
03 Sep '19
S1 E7 . Sharm Ka Saag Aur Makkari Ki Roti
Nitya is disturbed when she comes face to face with Vikram’s mother who accuses her of using her son. Nitya gives her an earful and Vikram too asks his mother not to interfere in his life. A glimpse into the past reveals Vikram's one mistake that ruined his beautiful relationship with Nitya.
03 Sep '19
S1 E8 . Cheating Chello Kebabs
Vikram arrives at Nitya’s doorstep with her favourite Chello Kebabs. But it brings back memories of the day when her world came crashing down. Karan tells Nitya that she must question Vikram on his past actions. Later, Vikram requests his mother to not interfere between him and his son.
07 Sep '19
S1 E9 . Ek Tub Ice-cream, Do Scoop Dhokha
Vikrant and Nitya are divided over Gauri and Shekhar's divorce. Karan’s ex-wife suggests that he asks Nitya out. To forget their troubles, Nitya and Gauri get drunk and hit a night club.
07 Sep '19
S1 E10 . Kabhi Neem Neem, Kabhi Shehed Shehed
Nitya goes on a date with Karan. Meanwhile, Vikram, who is babysitting Vivaan, has a great time with him. Tanvi and Kayzad consider moving in together.
07 Sep '19
S1 E11 . Galauti Gileh Shikwey
Vikram apologises to Nitya for his past actions and tells her that he never stopped loving her. Later, they spend the night together. The next day Vikram leaves for Delhi without meeting her. Will Nitya follow him to Delhi?
10 Sep '19
S1 E12 . Mashed in Mohabbat, Baked in Love
When Nitya sees Seema with Vikram, she asks for an explanation from the two. Before telling her his reasons, Vikram asks Nitya if she trusts him. Nitya is yet again heartbroken. But a year later she gets accepted into the famous Le Cordon Bleu College thanks to Vikram’s recommendation.
10 Sep '19