Adult Web-Series

What are Indian adult web-series?

Web-Series have been a hit with millennials. In last two years, the traditional movies and TV shows have been replaced with this new format of web series. One of the big reason for their popularity is diverse content they offer. One of the genre lacking in traditional TV shows were adult content. So adult web series are catered to the age group of 18 plus. The content can involve erotica, gore, affair, disturbing visuals, swear words, violence. India adult web series is primarily around sexual theme.

Where can I watch adult web originals?

Click here to starting browsing through adult web series. You can click the show where you can find the respective platform to stream the show. Currently almost all platforms provide access to 18+ shows up-to some extend. Few of them are available to watch on youtube for free.

How can I download adult web-series?

A lot of platform like like Netflix, Hotstar, MX Player, Prime Videos, Hoichoi offer download feature. You can subscribe to respective platform, download series and can enjoy the show offline. Most of these platform put an expiry to the offline content though.
Downloading web series from anywhere else is illegal and we encourage viewers not to watch the pirated content. Abiding by the same, we cannot share any source to download hindi web series or adult web series.

Why is adult genre web-series getting so popular in India?

The reason for their popularity is India is multifold.

  • Affordability of cheap Internet.
  • The lack of mature content is traditional TV shows.
  • Lack of censorship for OTT content.
  • Content can be accessed on demand - anywhere and anytime you want.
  • The content can be watched in private

What OTT platforms are best to watch adult shows?

Initially the spree of adult shows have been started by ALTbalaji and VB on Web. But gradually everyone started releasing more web-series around adult theme. As of now Ullu, ALTBalaji, MX Player and Primeflix are leading platform with good inventory of adult and erotic web shows.

Are these shows available in regional languages?

There shows are mostly available in Hindi language but they are not restricted to the same. Hoichoi - a Bengali based OTT platform has a good inventory of hit adult shows.

There are so many OTT platforms in the market? How will I know of latest adult web-series?

Well that why we Bingr - a platform dedicated to web series lover is here. You can bookmark Latest Adult Web Series link. We will keep updating this page with adult shows.

Is it legal to watch these shows in India?

Yes its legal to watch adult web-series. Make sure you are not downloading it from any illegal source.

List of all adult web-series