Love Ok Please (2019)

Release Date 25 Mar 2019
Season 1
Genre Reality-TV, Adult
Language Hindi
Platform MX Player, Youtube


This is a one of its kind travel reality show that explores the possibility of falling in love while being on a road trip. The show features eight contestants who are single and love traveling on a 10-day journey across the mountains of Himachal Pradesh
Love Ok Please is Hindi Reality-TV-Adult web series with Karan Wahi in the lead role. It is currently streaming at MX Player and Youtube.

Where to watch season 1 of Love Ok Please online?

You can watch season 1 online here at MX Player and Youtube .

Cast & Creator

The full cast of Love Ok Please includes Karan Wahi. Karan Wahi has also worked in shows Tanhaiyan, Fuh se Fantasy and Hundred and movies like Daawat-e-Ishq and Hate Story IV. The creator of the show is not known at this time.

List of Episodes for Season 1

S1 E1 . Episode 1
3 girls are asked to select their partners in terms of facts of the boys and by touching their body parts. Girls were given 3 social touch and 1 private touch in which they had to choose their partners. #TooYumm!
25 Mar '19
S1 E2 . Episode 2
Once the pairs were made, a special Tibetan lunch was organised in the resort for the travellers. They enjoyed the cuisine and headed towards their cottage. But the problem was that girls were not ready to share the room with boys. So they decided not to stay with pairs. But one couple- Kasturi and Dhruvin were ok staying together that night as their bonding was getting stronger together. #TooYumm!
25 Mar '19
S1 E3 . Episode 3
In this episode of Love Ok Please, travellers played a unique game called truth-dare and lip-smack. This activity made them know each other better. It was then time for their first challenge. #TooYumm!
25 Mar '19
S1 E4 . Episode 4
Karan tells the travellers that they have to go to Mcleodgunj market in Dharamshala and search for the puzzle pieces from which they will make ‘mandala’ an ancient art piece made by Tibetan monks. Our travellers go to Mcleodgunj market and they struggle to find the puzzle pieces. Finally Aakash and Aditi wins the challenge and as a reward they get to go on a date in HPCA Cricket stadium, which is the highest cricket stadium in the world. #TooYumm!
25 Mar '19
S1 E5 . Episode 5
In this episode, our travellers explore a place in Dharamshala called “Morgan’s place” which is famous for its cannabis fritters. They play a game called never have I ever while eating fritters. As the game continues they get to know secrets of each other. Then it was the time to move to a new location from Dharamshala which was Palampur. They travel to Palampur and reach “Wah tea estate” where Karan explains them about their new challenge which was to make a cup of tea.
25 Mar '19
S1 E6 . Episode 6
When it comes to travelling in Himachal, fun is incomplete without staying in a camp at night. In this episode, our travellers were given an opportunity to stay in camps where they had to make their own camp and prepare dinner by themselves. Next day they were taken to Bir-Billing for their next challenge- Bir-Billing is world’s second best paragliding site.
25 Mar '19
S1 E7 . Episode 7
Surprise revealed…! The masseuse who gave massage to our travellers was actually our new wild-card entry on the show-Vivek and Priya. Now our remaining travellers had to impress the wildcard to pair–up with them. Whoever is paired with wildcard were to get advantage in upcoming challenge. All of the them put their best to impress the wildcards, some with their dance moves and some with their unique talent.
25 Mar '19
S1 E8 . Episode 8
In the first activity of Kullu, Travellers were asked to impress the wildcards by seducing them and a heart beat checking device was attached to wildcard entries hand. Wildcard entries were blind folded and other people had to seduce them and who ever makes their heart beat go up they will get a chance to pair up with wildcard entries. Our travellers go crazy while seducing wildcard girl Priya .
25 Mar '19
S1 E9 . Episode 9
Kullu is famous for its unique style of dance form, which is “Nati Dance”. Our travellers go to a small village in Kullu, called ”Nashala” Where they had to perform today’s challenge, which was to learn and perform Nati Dance in front of locals of Kullu. Even after facing few difficulties, our travellers performed the dance in front of the huge crowd. They then had to collect points from the audiences.
01 Apr '19
S1 E10 . Episode 10
Our Girls were taken to Van Vihaar - A forest where they had to search different personal items of their partners placed in different places and few answers to the question asked to them about their partner. Later the collected items were revealed in front of Boys to know if the answers were right or not. Later they got an opportunity to go to Natural Hot Spring water pool where they spent time together. Dhruvin and Kasturi who had argument last night tried to solve their issues and be together.
01 Apr '19
S1 E11 . Episode 11
It was the time to travel to our next destination, which is a Manali. Our traveller traveled with their pairs, but Vivek wanted to travel with Priya and not Anjali, which made Anjali get angry on him. She busted out at him when they reached Manali. They both finally decided not to be together. Then it was time for next activity where our traveller’s compatibility was tested using Rorschach Test. The result of the test was kept secret.
01 Apr '19
S1 E12 . Episode 12
Time for the surprise bind date. Our girls had set-up the date for the partners they wanted to see on their date. Surprisingly, Except Aditi and Aakash, all the pairings were changed. Dhruvin was with Anjali, Pulkit with Priya and Vivek was with Kasturi. Vivek and Kasturi bonded very well on that date and even had a kiss. On the next day when they reach the location for their challenge, Vivek openly says in front of everyone that Kasturi kissed him on their date.
01 Apr '19
S1 E13 . Episode 13
“Koti” is a place where it is believed that if one makes a stone stupa their wish would come true. And as our travellers were in Koti, they made stone stupa using 7 stones and made a wish. Later when they reached their hotel rooms, Dhruvin busted out at Kasturi for kissing Vivek. They had a huge fight. Later Vivek promises Kasturi that he will be with her always. As a part of the activity, our travellers were given an opportunity to talk to any traveller’s friend and know more about them.
01 Apr '19
S1 E14 . Episode 14
Finally the end of this journey. It was Finale day. Our travellers had to go to Manali Market and buy things to propose to their partners in front of the people present at that market. But the twist was that they were given only 101 Rupees for shopping. Anyhow they were allowed to Beg, Borrow and Steal in the market. And the couple who’s propose is liked by audience will be the winner of the show.
01 Apr '19