Crown Lake (2019)

Release Date 20 Jun 2019
Season 1
Total Seasons 2
Genre Drama, Mystery
Language English/Foreign
Platform Youtube


Brat's newest series follows Nellie Chambers to prestigious and historic Crown Lake Boarding School where old world traditions and arcane rules of behavior make it hard to find her way.
Crown Lake is English/Foreign Drama-Mystery web series with Francesca Capaldi and Kyla Drew Simmons in the lead role. It is currently streaming at Youtube.

Where to watch season 1 of Crown Lake online?

You can watch season 1 online here at Youtube .

Cast & Creator

The full cast of Crown Lake includes Francesca Capaldi, Kyla Drew Simmons, Emily Skinner, Vanessa Angel, Paul Thomas Arnold and Lilia Buckingham. Francesca Capaldi has also worked in shows Dog with a Blog and movies like Max 2: White House Hero, 3 Day Test and Invisible Sister. Kyla Drew Simmons has also worked in movies like Nickelodeon's Sizzling Summer Camp Special. The creator of the show is not known at this time.

Other Seasons for Crown Lake

Season 1

List of Episodes for Season 1

S1 E1 . Don't Tell
Tiffany is Queen Bee with an entourage of mean girls who seem to take all the pressures in stride. Nellie finds a guide book from Heather, a former student, that offers to show her the way. But can she trust the book...or this strange and challenging school where everyone but Nellie seems to have things figured out?
20 Jun '19
S1 E2 . Tattle Wall
At Crown Lake, dirt gives you power. But, is having power at the Academy worth losing a potential new friend over? Nellie's about to find out.
27 Jun '19
S1 E3 . The Escape
Nellie and Tiffany set aside their differences (if only briefly) to escape detention.
04 Jul '19
S1 E4 . Girl's Rule
Nellie and Josh hit it off until she learns about a long-standing and controversial rule held during the Crown Lake Boys' Treasure Hunt.
11 Jul '19
S1 E5 . Birdsong
Unable to cope with the drama of Crown Lake, Nellie returns to Attaway, but quickly discovers that things aren't much better at home.
18 Jul '19
S1 E6 . Revenge
After the Scavenger Hunt debacle, Nellie returns to Crown Lake with a vengeance.
25 Jul '19
S1 E7 . Who Is Heather?
Nellie uncovers a sad truth behind Tiffany's tough exterior. Meanwhile, Ryan investigates some of the strange goings-on at Crown Lake... with Nellie at the center.
01 Aug '19
S1 E8 . We All Wear Masks
Nellie attends the masquerade ball, but uncovers much more than just the faces behind the masks.
08 Aug '19