Dil Buffering (2017)

Release Date 29 Sep 2017
Season 1
Genre Romance, Drama
Language Hindi
Platform Youtube, Bindass


You got to kiss a lot of frogs to land your prince Charming, Abby believes in this logic too, the struggle to find ‘Mr Right’ isn’t easy but Abby has all the time in the world!
Dil Buffering is the story of Abby who is on a never-ending quest to find love But is she looking in the right places?
Dil Buffering is Hindi Romance-Drama web series with Aanchal Munjal and Vaishnavi Kadam in the lead role. It is currently streaming at Youtube and Bindass.

Where to watch season 1 of Dil Buffering online?

You can watch season 1 online here at Youtube and Bindass .

Cast & Creator

The full cast of Dil Buffering includes Aanchal Munjal , Vaishnavi Kadam , Shraddha Kaul and Aakash Ahuja . Aanchal Munjal has also worked in movies like We Are Family, Ghayal Once Again and Sei. The creator of the series is Shraddha Pasi Jairath, who has also created shows Bang Baang.

List of Episodes for Season 1

S1 E1 . It Starts Here!
Excitement! Tingles! And khoob sara dhak dhak! Abby is heading for a special surprise date, what is in store for her?
29 Sep '17
S1 E2 . THAT First Love!
Your #PehlaPehlaPyaar is just unforgettable, right? Is Abby’s first love her Mr. Right? Tune in to see the #RomanceInProgress on Episode 2 of Dil Buffering.
06 Oct '17
S1 E3 . First Love Second Chance
#PehlaPyaar ka doosra jhatka freaks Abby out! Will Abby give up or give her first love a second chance? To find out tune in to see the #RomanceInProgress on Episode 3 of Dil Buffering.
13 Oct '17
S1 E4 . A Brush With Destiny
Was it destiny that Abby bumped into Sandeep? Because it looks like these two are about to paint the town red! To find out tune in to see the #RomanceInProgress on Episode 4 of Dil Buffering.
20 Oct '17
S1 E5 . Paint My Love
Lagta hai the artist has found his muse and Abby her Mr. Right! Watch Sandeep & Abby’s #RomanceInProgress on Episode 5 of Dil Buffering!.
27 Oct '17
Search for Mr. Right: ????, Cupcake Business: ???? But has Cupid spared Abby this week? ???? Watch the #RomanceInProgress in Episode 6 of Dil Buffering!.
03 Nov '17
S1 E7 . Swipe Right 4 Mr Right
Fresh Out Of The Oven: A Spoonful of Chance, A Brand-New Romance & Some Drama, Swaad Anusaar, watch Abby’s #RomanceInProgress on Episode 7 of Dil Buffering! .
10 Nov '17
S1 E8 . Didn't See That Coming
Love is in the air & excitement all around, a lot can happen over a coffee when a new friend is found! .Watch Abby’s #RomanceInProgress on Episode 8 of Dil Buffering!
17 Nov '17
bby ko chahiye tha ek perfect partner, but what does one do when life sends you two? To find out, watch Abby’s #RomanceInProgress on Episode 9 of Dil Buffering!.
24 Nov '17