Hey Krishna (2018)

Release Date 25 Jan 2018
Season 1
Genre Romance, Comedy
Language Telugu
Platform YuppTV, Youtube


Hey Krishna is an upcoming telugu web-series by YuppTV Originals, starring Varun Sandesh, Kashish Vohra and Harsha Chemudu in lead roles. Directed by Lakshmi Kanth Chenna, Written by Mahi Illindra
Hey Krishna is Telugu Romance-Comedy web series with Varun Sandesh and Kashish Vohra in the lead role. It is currently streaming at YuppTV and Youtube.

Where to watch season 1 of Hey Krishna online?

You can watch season 1 online here at YuppTV and Youtube .

Cast & Creator

The full cast of Hey Krishna includes Varun Sandesh, Kashish Vohra and Harsha Chemudu. Varun Sandesh has also worked in movies like Happy Days, Kotha Bangaru Lokam and Paddanandi Premalo Mari. Kashish Vohra has also worked in movies like Saptagiri LLB, 1st రాంక్ రాజు and Sapthagiri LLB. The creator of the series are Lakshmi Kanth Chenna and Mahi Illindra.

List of Episodes for Season 1

S1 E1 . Prathama Adhyaya
The episode opens with a conversation between sage Narada and Lord Krishna. They discuss about Krishnas devotees back on the earth. Meanwhile, a child (Varun Sandesh) is born to a couple after a long wait. Varuns grandmother (Sri Lakshmi) is a Krishna fanatic and believes that Varun was born as a result of the prayers she offers to lord Krishna.
25 Jan '18
S1 E2 . Sankhya Yoga
Varun Sandesh is named as Krishna and grows up to become an engineering graduate. He is seen checking out girls at his farewell party but has a hard luck impressing them. Varun is in utter despair as he is unable to find his lady-love.
25 Jan '18
S1 E3 . Karma Yoga
Varun Sandesh consults and astrologer to learn that the back luck in his life is associated to Lord Krishna. Out of anger, Varun throws away an idol of Krishna in lieu of finding good things ahead. Varun Sandesh attends an interview at a software company and gets selected for the job. Much to his surprise, he comes across a girl (Kashish) at the office who seems to show interest in him. They meet for coffee and exchange phone numbers.
25 Jan '18
S1 E4 . Vigyana Yoga
The episode of Hey Krishna starts with the celebration of Varun Sandesh new job, how he shares his happiness with his family and enjoys it with his best friend Harsha. Varun Sandesh briefs his friend about meeting Kashish and Harsha insists Varun to call her. Obeying to his friend’s words Varun calls up Kashish to know her better and gets shocked by listening to her. Watch what shocks Varun and will he continue talking to her?
25 Jan '18
S1 E5 . Vibhaga Yoga
Its double happiness for Varun Sandesh as its his birthday and first day at office. Varun meets Kashish in Lord Krishna’s temple where he introduces her to his grand mother and father. The HR department (Rukhmini, Rohini, Radha) of Varuns new office miss-conceptualize that he is their Boss son who has come to inspect office and start abiding him where ever he goes. Birthday boy meets Kashish in his cabin and gets to know about her choices and thinks its magical.
25 Jan '18
S1 E6 . Vistara Yoga
Amid HRs keep trying to strike a conversation with Varun Sandesh and each one out of three-try making him fall in love. Meanwhile, the office staff gets jealous of his special treatment and try finding out the reason. Watch who will be Varun love.
25 Jan '18
S1 E7 . Purusottama Yoga
Seeing Kashish depressed Varun Sandesh takes her out to make her feel better and realises that he likes spending time with her which eventually irritates the HR and they start planning to attract Varun towards them, Watch will they be successful?
25 Jan '18
S1 E8 . Dhyan Yoga
Varun goes for dinner date to Radhas house but returns with disappointment as it turned out to be formal. Next day at office Krishna tells to one of his colleague about how throwing lord Krishnas idol gets good luck in his life. Varun lays bet with of taking Kashish out if he wins she would come out for date with Varun. Watch will Varun win the bet?
25 Jan '18
S1 E9 . Darsana Yoga
The episode starts with the date scene of the new couple Varun and Kashish. Both take their relation to the next level by convincing their family for the wedding but very soon the situation completely twirls. Watch what made them apart.
25 Jan '18
S1 E10 . Gyan Yoga
Varuns best friend reveals the truth which creates a havoc in his Varuns life. Kashish rejects Varuns proposal and tells her mother about Varun. Meanwhile Sandhya introduces her boyfriend (Sudeep Kishan) and he explains Varun how to get his lady love back. Varuns grandmother consoles Varun and asks him to reject himself on the will of God.
25 Jan '18
S1 E11 . Karma sanyasa Yoga
The episode starts with Varun Sandeep trying to talk and convince Kashish in her house. But she demands Varun to get a conduct certificate of him being innocent from the HRs who amid him. Will they agree for the certificate?
25 Jan '18
S1 E12 . Bhakti - Moksha Yoga
All the three HRs fail to certify Varun Sandesh and start taking him for granted. This disheartens Varun and Kashish. Watch the full episode to know if lord Krishna gets the couple closer.
25 Jan '18