Hey Prabhu! - Season 2 (2021)

Release Date 26 Mar 2021
Season 2
Total Seasons 2
Genre Comedy
Language Hindi
Platform MX Player, Youtube


Hey Prabhu! Poster. A boy in his early 20s, who has a strong Twitter and
Snapchat following, realises that online cred isn't enough to overcome real-life ...
Hey Prabhu! is Hindi Comedy web series with Rajat Barmecha and Sheeba Chaddha in the lead role. It is currently streaming at MX Player and Youtube.

Where to watch season 2 of Hey Prabhu! online?

You can watch season 2 online here at MX Player and Youtube .

Cast & Creator

The full cast of Hey Prabhu! includes Rajat Barmecha, Sheeba Chaddha and Parul Gulati. Rajat Barmecha has also worked in shows Love, Lust and Confusion, Shockers and Love Lust and Confusion and movies like Udaan, Shaitan and Amoli. Sheeba Chaddha has also worked in shows Permanent Roommates and Adulting and movies like Dum Laga Ke Haisha, Raees and Badhaai Ho. The creator of the show is not known at this time.

Other Seasons for Hey Prabhu!

Season 2

List of Episodes for Season 2

S2 E1 . Episode 1 - #changeisconstant
Tarun is sure of having fallen in love with Arunima but the latter remains unclear with her feelings. Meanwhile, Croissant is celebrating 25 years of establishment and owners organise a puja to commemorate the special day. It is then they announce that the company will be undergoing its first digital shift. While all this takes place, Tarun is unaware that his parents are going through a major financial crunch. Amidst this, Tarun’s new flatmate, Sikka, throws a rather wild housewarming party.
26 Mar '21
S2 E2 . Episode 2 - #shook
After a crazy housewarming party, Tarun wakes up to a shocker when he finds Karishma in his bed. He immediately goes to work and looks for Arunima. He finds Arunima in Mita’s office expressing her apprehensions about the company’s digital move and refuses to trouble her at the moment. However, things get more out of hand when later, Arunima confesses her feelings to Tarun. Amidst all this, Tejpal approaches Tarun to help him stop Rimjhim from getting fired. Later, Mita further shocks Tarun
26 Mar '21
S2 E3 . Episode 3 - #dheeladhakkan
Tarun has a family dinner with his parents but they refuse to share their financial problems with him. Charminar makes life hell for Tarun by blackmailing him to expose his secrets text and reveal his secret in front of everyone. This starts a new hashtag, #dheeladhakan and soon gets a grip everywhere. Later, Tarun and Arunima have a rather harsh confrontation that makes matters intense. Mita announces a company offsite to Goa and Chaarminar finds this as the perfect opportunity to ruin
26 Mar '21
S2 E4 . Episode 4 - #LitAF
Sika convinces Tarun to acknowledge that he has a problem and see a doctor for it. Tarun also accepts that he is actually Penne Penis. On the other hand, Charminar and Arunima have a bitter clash. Later, in order to solve his problem, Sikka gives a rather eccentric gift to Tarun. The gift makes Tarun’s mother go into a state of shock.
26 Mar '21
S2 E5 . Episode 5 - #WanderLust
The team reaches Goa for the offsite and Tarun attains a certain level of comfort with Mita on the trip. This comfort does not go down well with Charminar who seeks to sabotage it. On the other hand, Pia and Arunima get talking when Pia admits that she has feelings for Tarun. She even acts upon this and visits Tarun’s room. Things get steamy as Pia and Tarun get together. However, Tarun is shocked to know that Chaarminar knows about him being the #dheeladhakan. Little does Tarun also know that
26 Mar '21
S2 E6 . Episode 6 - #Busted
Tarun’s parents land at the resort where his mother tells his father about what she saw in Tarun's apartment. Tejpal complaints about Tarun to Mita. Meanwhile, Tarun and Chaarminar get into a heated argument. Later, Chaarminar also behaves weirdly when Aarambh shuns him down. Arambh realises that something is not right with Pia. Tarun also comes to know that Pia is Aarambh’s sister.
26 Mar '21
S2 E7 . Episode 7 - #OMG!
As the team comes back from the Goa trip, things do not seem well for Tarun. Arunima hands over her resignation from the Crossiant and Chaarminar celebrates his great milestone as he attains 1 million followers. Tarun also proposes some ideas to Mita to increase their growth. On the domestic front, Tarun’s parents discuss starting their own tiffin service to get some financial stability. Tarun breathes a sigh of relief as his medical reports come out just fine. However, the happiness is
26 Mar '21
S2 E8 . Episode 8 - #FeelitBro
Pia confronts Tarun and approaches him aggressively. However, she calms down when she comes to know that Tarun is actually Dheela Dhakkan. Aarambh also realizes that something is wrong with Pia and interrogates Tarun about it. Tarun’s mother also wants to sit down to have a conversation with him. On the other hand, Tarun helps Arunima with a Twitter account and this reignites the passion between them. Meanwhile, Chaarminar is still planning a big scheme against Tarun.
26 Mar '21
S2 E9 . Episode 9 - #OwnIt
Rimjhim talks to Tejpal about Pia and Tarun. She feels concerned about Arunima. After a long time, Tarun connects with his parents and comes to know about their financial situation. He feels guilty for putting them through trouble. However, more problems await Tarun as Chaarminar gets him fired from his job. What will Tarun do now? How will this add to the financial problems of Tarun’s parents?
26 Mar '21
S2 E10 . Episode 10 - #Karma
Chaarminar’s intentions are exposed in front of everyone. Tarun is able to secure a new job as well as get together with Arunima once again. To celebrate all the good, Tarun’s parents have a party at Sikka’s house. However, not all is well, as Arunima and Aarambh also arrive at the party. What do Arunima and Aaramb do? Are all of Tarun’s troubles over now?
26 Mar '21