Mrs. & Mr. Shameem (2022)

Release Date 11 Mar 2022
Season 1
Genre Drama, Comedy
Language Hindi
Platform ZEE5


Mrs. & Mr. Shameem is Hindi Drama-Comedy web series with Saba Qamar and Nauman Ijaz in the lead role. It is currently streaming at ZEE5.

Where to watch season 1 of Mrs. & Mr. Shameem online?

You can watch season 1 online here at ZEE5 .

Cast & Creator

The full cast of Mrs. & Mr. Shameem includes Saba Qamar, Nauman Ijaz, Gul E Rana, Faiza Gillani and Amna Malik. Saba Qamar has also worked in shows Dastaan, Bunty I Love You and Izteraab and movies like Hindi Medium, Manto and Sannata. The creator of the series is Kashif Nisar, who has also created shows Mrs. & Mr. Shameem and films like Sannata.

List of Episodes for Season 1

S1 E1 . Shameem aur Umaina Ki Dastaan
Umaina is left reeling when an unexpected event related to her love-interest Bilal changes her life. Will Umaina seek her close friend Shameem’s help in navigating through this problem?
11 Mar '22
S1 E2 . Uljhane Dil Ki
Initially reluctant to share her pain, Umaina gives up and confides in Shameem. Later, she leaves Lahore and returns home. What are the circumstances that drove Umaina away?
11 Mar '22
S1 E3 . Dosti Ka Imtehaan
A shocking event leads Shameem to propose marriage to Umaina. However, Umaina mocks his effeminacy and rejects the proposal. Later, Shameem’s mother, Bay Ji, forces him to take a tough decision.
11 Mar '22
S1 E4 . Qaid-E-Nikaah
Umaina is ready to be Bilal’s mistress to escape the unwanted bond between her and Shameem. When the news of Umaina’s pregnancy breaks, Bay Ji, advises Shameem to set Umaina free.
11 Mar '22
S1 E5 . Anchahi Khushi
Umaina and Bilal’s relationship hits rock bottom. Time flies by and Umaina gives birth to Ali but slips into post-partum depression. Unable to accept Ali, Umaina does the unthinkable.
11 Mar '22
S1 E6 . Umaina Ki Shart
Umaina makes an outrageous demand from Shameem to prove his love for her. She later leaves the house with Ali but returns without him. This worries Shameem.
11 Mar '22
S1 E7 . Aulad Se Maa Ki Nafrat
Shameem learns about Umaina’s heartless actions against Ali and rushes to get him back. Later, the circumstances take a toll on Ali’s health, but Umaina refuses to tend to him.
11 Mar '22
S1 E8 . Muqammal Insaan Hone Ki Chahat
Shameem’s sister Humaira battles infertility and treads down a risky path for a cure. Later, her husband Khurram turns revengeful and tells Umaina and Bay Ji about her actions.
11 Mar '22
S1 E9 . Ali Ki Parwarish Huyi Mushkil
Shameem's love begins to affect Ali's upbringing over time. As time passes by, Ali grows distant from Shameem and gets close to Bilal.
11 Mar '22
S1 E10 . Pyaar Aur Izzat Ki Ladai
Shameem's complexes worsen and he struggles to portray himself as a macho man like Bilal. Meanwhile, an incident empowers Umaina in unexpected ways, leading her to start her career afresh.
11 Mar '22
S1 E11 . Baghawat Ki Aag
Shameem gets uncomfortable when Tony, the new hairstylist, tries to flirt with him at the salon. Meanwhile, Umaina catches Shameem's niece Fatima smoking with her alleged boyfriend.
11 Mar '22
S1 E12 . Zindagi Ki Daud Mein Haar
The fear of death keeps pulling Shameem away from Ali and Umaina. When Tony is diagnosed with a stigmatised illness, Shameem gets angry. Later, the doctor advises Shameem to get Umaina and Ali tested.
11 Mar '22
S1 E13 . Kya Chhupayein Kya Bataayein
Shameem struggles to reveal the truth to Umaina after getting her and Ali's medical reports. Later, Khurram learns about Shameem’s disease and tries to take advantage of the situation.
11 Mar '22
S1 E14 . Logon Ki Soch Laayi Pareshani
Khurram tells the truth to Bay Ji, who holds Umaina responsible for Shameem’s disease. The news spreads like wildfire and leads to dire repercussions in Umaina's and Ali’s life.
11 Mar '22
S1 E15 . Apno Ke Liye Apno Se Doori
Bay Ji requests Umaina to take Shameem away to prevent him from facing societal stigma. Later, Shameem and Umaina ask Humaira to adopt Ali, while his academic future hangs in the balance.
11 Mar '22
S1 E16 . Ali Ka Dardbhara Khat
During the show, Shameem recounts his life with Umaina after separating from his family. A member from Shameem’s family reads out a letter from Ali and makes a heartbreaking revelation.
11 Mar '22
S1 E17 . Kya Khoya Kya Paaya
Ali recalls his conversations with Shameem and how the abandonment affected him. Later, Ali suddenly disappears, while Umaina gives Shameem a shocking news.
11 Mar '22
S1 E18 . Umaina Ka Ek Dardnaak Faisla
Shameem is unable to accept the news about Umaina's pregnancy. Later, Umaina makes a decision that shocks Shameem, while Ali accepts Humaira as his mother.
11 Mar '22
S1 E19 . Maut Ki Dastak
Shameem empathises with Umaina and assures her about their well-being. Later, Umaina goes into labour, but another misfortune awaits her.
11 Mar '22
S1 E20 . Safar Ka Anth
Shameem and Umaina return home, but Ali refuses to meet them. Later, Shameem and Umaina decide to spread awareness about the stigmatised illness.
11 Mar '22