Prime Time with Rabish (2018)

Release Date 31 Aug 2018
Season 1
Genre Drama, Comedy
Language Hindi
Platform Youtube


We’re back with the Youthon ka Wafadaar, Raja Rabish Kumar on a BRAND new show - Prime Time with Rabish.
Prime Time with Rabish is Hindi Drama-Comedy web series with Manoj Bajpayee and Shivankit Parihar in the lead role. It is currently streaming at Youtube.

Where to watch season 1 of Prime Time with Rabish online?

You can watch season 1 online here at Youtube .

Cast & Creator

The full cast of Prime Time with Rabish includes Manoj Bajpayee, Shivankit Parihar, Vyom Charaya and Harish Peddinti. Manoj Bajpayee has also worked in shows The Family Man and movies like Special 26, Raajneeti and Shootout at Wadala. Shivankit Parihar has also worked in shows Happily Ever After, TSP's Googly and The Glitch. The creator of the show is not known at this time.

List of Episodes for Season 1

S1 E1 . दो बिहारी सब पे भारी
We’re back with the Youthon ka Wafadaar, Raja Rabish Kumar on a BRAND new show - Prime Time with Rabish. Joining Rajaji on the first episode of this show is the very feared Sardar Khan, Manoj Bajpayee! Rabish along with his two camera-men gets exclusive access to Manoj Ji’s green room where an intense interview takes place..Will these two Bihari men get along? Watch दो बिहारी सब पे भरी | Prime Time with Rabish Ft. Manoj Bajpayee
31 Aug '18
S1 E2 . बधाई हो
Hamaare Youthon ka Wafadaar is back with yet another episode of Prime Time! Last time, it was Manoj Bajpayee who was Rabishji's esteemed guest. This time, Raja Rabish is visiting a very unique family’s house to congratulate them for a very special guest that will join the family soon. But wait a second, somebody is upset about this guest! Find out more about this in the latest episode of Prime with Rabish featuring Ayushmann Khuranna, Sanya Malhotra & Gajraj Rao! .Prime Time with Rabish ft
14 Oct '18
S1 E3 . Rewind 2018
We’ve finally arrived at the end of 2018. The end of a year that had its fair share of highlights. A year where in India, we decriminalised Section 377, won the 2018 Blind Cricket World Cup and even had a female fighter pilot join the Indian Air Force for the first time in history!.However, we’ve also had some incidents which simply put, broke the internet. Join Raja Rabish Kumar as he takes us through these events in his latest report.
29 Dec '18
S1 E4 . Baal pe Charcha
What time is it? It’s Prime Time with Rabishji..This time, joining our Rajaji in the studio is someone who we all know and love - Jeetu!?
25 Mar '19
S1 E5 . Manchahi Baat With Modi Ji
Rabish Kumar has been speaking of his fascination about interviewing Modi Ji in many of his videos. So, the man with a chest of 56-inch is finally here for a one-on-one. But is it a political one, or non-political? Is it a scripted or like what all interviews should be? Will Modi Ji give answers to all the questions Rabish Kumar for years now? Watch ‘Manchahi Baat With Modi Ji’! .Want more awesome original entertainment?
22 May '19