Sin (2020)

Release Date 08 May 2020
Season 1
Genre Drama, Mystery, Adult, Crime
Language Hindi
Platform Addatimes


Mysterious death of a young girl in the hills triggers a suspicious investigation that reveals the alleys of a high-profile organized crime in Kolkata, involving Drugs, sex-trafficking and murders.
Sin is Hindi Drama-Mystery web series with Anindya Bose and Nabanita Chakraborty in the lead role. It is currently streaming at Addatimes.

Where to watch season 1 of Sin online?

You can watch season 1 online here at Addatimes .

Cast & Creator

The full cast of Sin includes Anindya Bose, Nabanita Chakraborty, Avinash Gupta, Priyanka Mishra, Sweta Mishra and Lakshya Punjabi. There are fresh faces in the cast and no reference to any previous show or films is found. .

List of Episodes for Season 1

Death of a young girl from Kolkata triggers an investigation into Drugs. Investigating of ficer Samar, a reluctant Police officer, however, finds clues about something more sinister in the plot. A young couple, Parveen and Faizan, discovers a shocking truth about their friend Palash and Jui.
08 May '20
The police find an abandoned car in the highway, which seems connected to the case. While Samar struggles with his troubled past and dead ends, he discovers an uncomfortable truth about the case. Faizan and Parveen gets convinced by their friend and embarks on the journey to explore their fantasy world. Little do they know what is about to come.
08 May '20
The true nature of the crime slowly unfolds. The police chase its first potent clue, while Sa mar surprisingly discovers his personal connect with the case. His acquaintance leads him to Abhishek, whom Faizan and Parveen are meeting for their first naughty encounter.
08 May '20
S1 E4 . LUST
Four drug related murders in the city almost derails Samar’s investigation. While the city ge ts entangled into a web of crime, the young coupe discovers a new world of fantasy and passion. Faizan and Parveen meets Samar at an unusual party, and he loses sight of his main lead again.
08 May '20
Death of a close associate startles Faizan and Parveen, who realizes new dynamic of their re lationship. Samar’s personal connect leads him to another suspicious death followed by a chain of events that slowly unfolds the crime. Faizan and Parveen, in the meanwhile, faces an unthinkable threat.
08 May '20
Faizan and Parveen plans to leave for London amongst uncertainties regarding the threat. Sa mar discovers the mastermind behind the crime and pursues to catch them. The final encounter reveals how the young couple were trapped by the mastermind. He remains elusive till Samar gets a glimpse of the uncomfortable truth.
08 May '20