The Casino (2020)

Release Date 12 Jun 2020
Season 1
Genre Drama
Language Hindi
Platform ZEE5


Vicky, a recultant heir to a billion dollar casino, is emotionally trapped by his father’s manipulative mistress Rehana. But he must find a way to overthrow her and claim his inheritance, including the casino, before she destroys him completely.
The Casino is Hindi Drama web series with Karanvir Bohra and Sudhanshu Pandey in the lead role. It is currently streaming at ZEE5.

Where to watch season 1 of The Casino online?

You can watch season 1 online here at ZEE5 .

Cast & Creator

The full cast of The Casino includes Karanvir Bohra, Sudhanshu Pandey, Aindrita Ray and Mandana Karimi. The show is stacked with the popular stars. Among the lead cast, Karanvir Bohra and Sudhanshu Pandey have also worked together in The Casino in past. Karanvir Bohra has also worked in shows Bigg Boss, Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant (TV Series 2016–2017) and Qubool Hai and movies like Kismat Konnection, Mumbai 125 KM and Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi. Sudhanshu Pandey has also worked in shows Dance Bar and Hundred and movies like 2.0, Dus Kahaniyaan and Khiladi 420. The creator of the show is not known at this time.

List of Episodes for Season 1

S1 E1 . Queen of Hearts
The Casino tycoon Mr. Marwah comes under threat by the city mayor after he insults the mayor, who is infatuated by the star attraction of the casino, Rehana. To add to Marwah’s problem, his son, Vicky, is arrested for murder.
12 Jun '20
S1 E2 . King of Casino
Marwah receives a threat from an unknown person. He manages to bail out Vicky, whose infatuation with Rehana leads him to a mysterious girl. Meanwhile, the mayor shocks Marwah with a law that can impact his business, and Inspector Ram looks into Marwah’s threat complaint.
12 Jun '20
S1 E3 . The Reluctant Prince
Marwah tries to deal with the accusations that he is responsible for the mayor's death and is baffled by the news of Vicky and Rehana being possible suspects. Meanwhile, Inspector Ram manages the clandestine activities of the commissioner. The sexual tension between Rehana and Vicky increases, and Marwah takes a drastic step, which shocks Rehana.
12 Jun '20
S1 E4 . End of King
Vicky and Rehana's feelings for each other grow stronger. The masked girl divulges an astonishing secret to Vicky and comes under Rehana's radar after Karl shows her a video of her chatting with Vicky. Meanwhile, Marwah's partners gang up against him, and he is attacked by armed goons.
12 Jun '20
S1 E5 . Rise of Queen
Vicky is shattered after Marwah’s death and tries to decipher what his father was trying to convey to him about the killer. Vicky’s sister warns him that they will all be killed. Meanwhile, Vicky and Rehana are insulted by the casino partners claiming Vicky is incapable of handling the business.
12 Jun '20
S1 E6 . Bad Players of the Game
Vicky asks Rehana to marry him. Rehana traps Rinzin in Marwah’s murder case. She later meets Camila at the gym and hires her to be her replacement. Meanwhile, Rinzin escapes and attacks Rehana. Karl warns Rehana about Vicky, and Ram finds a major clue in Marwah’s murder case.
12 Jun '20
S1 E7 . Friends with Benefits
Ram and Advocate Deshmukh team up to expose Rehana and Ram takes his ex-flame Camila’s help. Rehana accepts Vicky’s marriage proposal and asks Camila to stay away from him. Later, Ram takes Rehana to the police station for interrogation, and Camila takes Vicky a wine tasting festival where they make out.
12 Jun '20
S1 E8 . Playing Blind in Love
Camila shows Vicky a video that leaves him in a state of shock. During the interrogation, Rehana is unable to answer inspector Ram's questions. Vicky visits her in the lockup and ends up having a scuffle with Ram. Desperate to seek revenge, Rinzin plans an attack on Rehana in the cell.
12 Jun '20
S1 E9 . Rise of the Prince
Ram and the police commissioner are suspended for arresting Rehana, who decides to play her final card after being released. Camila informs Ram about a possible attack on Vicky, but he is helpless after being suspended. Meanwhile, Vicky is arrested by the police and his life in danger. Will Camila be able to help Vicky, or will she watch him die?
12 Jun '20
S1 E10 . Trojan Horse
Rehana turns the casino into a fortress with high security. The media is abuzz with the news of Vicky’s death in an accident. Vicky’s friends bring his body to the Casino to pay their last tributes. Is Rehana the new queen, or is there a twist in the tale?
12 Jun '20