The Family Vacation (2018)

Release Date 01 Nov 2018
Season 1
Total Seasons 2
Genre Family, Adventure, Drama
Language Hindi
Platform Youtube


The journey of The Family Vacation has been a long and tedious one for the whole team of SIT. We have loved every single minute of this journey. But how fruitful it’s been depends on how much love you give it. So be kind, be generous, while we prepare the end product for you.
The Family Vacation is Hindi Family-Adventure web series with Ayub Khan and Deepika Amin in the lead role. It is currently streaming at Youtube.

Where to watch season 1 of The Family Vacation online?

You can watch season 1 online here at Youtube .

Cast & Creator

The full cast of The Family Vacation includes Ayub Khan, Deepika Amin, Chhavi Mittal and Karan V. Grover. Ayub Khan has also worked in movies like Apaharan, Mrityu Dand: Death Sentence and Teesri Aankh: The Hidden Camera. Deepika Amin has also worked in movies like Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania, Fan and Bewakoofiyaan. The creator of the series is Chhavi Mittal, who has also created shows Bin Bulaye Mehman.

Other Seasons for The Family Vacation

Season 1

List of Episodes for Season 1

S1 E1 . Episode 1
#TheFamilyVacation.Rohini breaks the horrific news to Rishi that they have to travel to Kasauli with her entire family. Rishi is petrified of Rohini’s father, true to his name, Prem Chopra! Meet Rohini’s entire family in this Web-Series and get to know them, love them, hate them, and laugh with them. The journey begins…
01 Nov '18
S1 E2 . Episode 2
#WebSeries.Rohini’s dad’s dislike of Rishi leads to a series of confusions. He misunderstands a conversation between Rishi and Kunal assuming that Rishi is “struggling” in his work. On the other hand, Rohini’s mom gets a feeling that Rishi is unable to conceive! The pressure is building on Rishi. Will he be able to deal with it? Watch how Rishi finds himself completely trapped at the end!
08 Nov '18
S1 E3 . Episode 3
Rishi is trying everything to be a good son-in-law. However, Rohini’s dad is not melting anytime soon. Rishi manages to impress Kunal and the others, but that only makes dad get more alienated. What happens at the end is hilarious where dad catches Rishi red-handed in some shady dealings!
15 Nov '18
S1 E4 . Episode 4
#WebSeries.Rishi and his Father-in-law’s battle continues. However, it is hardly a battle since Rishi continues to lose! But what are these shady dealings that Rishi is a part of? Is he truly succumbing under the pressure? What’s going to happen if Mr.Chopra catches him and exposes him! Whose side are you on? The husband, the wife, or the doting father?
22 Nov '18
S1 E5 . Episode 5
#WebSeries.And the plot thickens… Mr. Chopra is convinced that Rishi is on drugs. And why not?! Rishi is seen sniffing at various different times during the stay at Kasauli. He seems sick, devoid of energy and lacks the spring in his step. The father-in-law goes up to the extent of unknowingly creating a misunderstanding between Rohini and Rishi also! While he is out to prove that Rishi is on drugs, Rishi decides to get the mother-in-law on his side! Who will succeed in this battle? Watch to fin
29 Nov '18
S1 E6 . SIT
#WebSeries.Mr. Chopra catches Rishi red-handed in the act of doing drugs! He goes all out and shows all his cards in front of the whole family. For him it’s do or die now. Will Rishi prove his innocence? Watch the drama reach never-before heights in the season finale of THE FAMILY VACATION!
06 Dec '18