TSP's Rabish Ki Report (2017)

Release Date 09 Sep 2017
Season 1
Genre Comedy
Language Hindi
Platform Youtube


India’s most popular news reporter Raja Rabish Kumar goes out to hear the feelings of today’s youth which he feels is being deprived of their fundamental rights.
TSP's Rabish Ki Report is Hindi Comedy web series with Shivankit Singh Parihar in the lead role. It is currently streaming at Youtube.

Where to watch season 1 of TSP's Rabish Ki Report online?

You can watch season 1 online here at Youtube .

Cast & Creator

The full cast of TSP's Rabish Ki Report includes Shivankit Singh Parihar. Shivankit Singh Parihar has also worked in shows TVF Bachelors, Zeroes and Cubicles. The creator of the series is Abhinav Anand, who has also created shows Bonnet Pe Charcha and Awkward Conversations With Girlfriend.

List of Episodes for Season 1

S1 E1 . Laundo Ki House Party
India's most popular news reporter Raja Rabish Kumar goes out to hear the feelings of today's youth which he feels is being deprived of their fundamental rights. He lands up at a bachelor pad, where a house party is being organized..
09 Sep '17
S1 E2 . Rabish Chala Disco
Continuing his efforts to voice the problems faced by the youth of the nation, India's most popular news reporter Raja Rabish Kumar drops by a disco to try and understand the current situation..
06 Oct '17
S1 E3 . Breakup Se Kaise Ubhrein?
India's most popular news reporter Raja Rabish Kumar helps a youth move on after a breakup..
10 Dec '17
S1 E4 . Board Exams Ki Taiyari
Youthon ka wafadaar, world famous patrakaar Raja Rabish Kumar is back! This time, he's on a mission with Mirinda to #ReleaseThePressure..With the exams around the corner, stress is high and there's anxiety all around. Fear not, Rabish SDTV is here to cut down all the nervousness and tension between parents and students. Will Raja Rabish manage to pass this difficult test? Watch his latest report to know!
03 Mar '18
S1 E5 . UPSC Ki Taiyari
The UPSC exams in India are a matter of great prestige in India. While lakhs of students study and work hard to clear these, barely a handful manage to pass. Our Raja Rabish Kumar sets out on his latest mission, to find out more about the applicants who give the IAS exam, and to find out what it takes to pass them. Watch this latest report from Rabish SDTV to know!.
27 Mar '18
S1 E6 . Ladkiyon ki House Party
Youthon ka Wafadar, Raja Rabish Kumar has been invited to a house party, but something is different this time...there’s not a single guy in the party. Rabish ventures into the unknown territory of Ladkiyon ki House Party and discovers many startling acts that go on behind the closed door of a bachelorette pad!.Watch the latest episode of Rabish ki Report, Ladkiyon ki House Party for more...
05 Jul '18
S1 E7 . Football Ka Fever
The World Cup is here! Every bar you go to, every friend’s house, every restaurant only has Football Fever. There are many different fans who go out. Some go out to support Ronaldo & Messi, some go to meet new girls and some go to meet Vladimir Putin!.Follow Raja Rabish Kumar in his latest report as he discovers this FIFA madness around us!
11 Jul '18
S1 E8 . LGBTQ का जश्‍न
The whole country is currently celebrating the decriminalization of Section 377 - making relationships between the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Trans community legal. With the youth pouring out on the streets to celebrate this victory, there still are a few who have problems and concerns..LGBT ka wafadar, Raja Rabish Kumar sets out on his mission to meet these youth, understand their dilemmas and solve their obstacles. Watch TSP’s Rabish Ki Report | LGBTQ का जश्‍न right now!
07 Sep '18
S1 E9 . Rabish Chala Gym Part 1
Youthon ka wafadar, isbar dekhne aya hai bodybuilding ka chamatkar! Rabish is going to gym, to stay close to his youthful fans. Today he will lift a dumbell and not a mic. What will happen when Rabish will meet different types of bodybuilders? Watch the latest Rabish ki Report to know more....
08 Dec '18
S1 E10 . Rabish Chala Gym Part 2
In the last part, Rabish met different types of people you meet in at a gym. In this part, we will meet the trainers who train those bodybuilders. Who are these trainer? Where do they come from? Rabish reveals all. He also stumbles upon the different motivations that bodybuilders find to join a gym. What are these motivations? Watch Part 2 of Rabish Chala Gym to know more....
08 Dec '18
S1 E11 . School Ki Parent-Teacher Meeting
He’s back! Youthon ka wafadaar, Raja Rabish Kumar is back!.Our beloved Rajaji has always been known to help out young people in their time of need. This time however, the challenge is something we all have experienced and hated, the Parent Teacher Meetings.
19 Jul '19
S1 E12 . Boys Hostel
Everyone’s favourite, Youthon Ka Wafadaar, Raja Rabish Kumar is back. And this time he is in the land of insomniacs playing PubG and Counter Strike and bunking classes. Yes, Raja Ji is in a Boys Hostel, and catching up with him are Jhaantoo, Chirag, Badri and Jaat from #HostelDaze . Come, let’s see how this report turns out to be.
23 Dec '19
S1 E13 . Rabish Ki Rail Yatra
Yes, the latest #RabishKiReport is here. And this time, our #RajaRabishKumar has taken a train from Patna to Delhi. He wants to see how the Indian Railway is working these days, and the kind of passengers he meets on his journey is one interesting story. Badri, Chote Miyan and all of your favourites from The Screen Patti are here. So, come, hop in! .And in all your journeys and daily life, listen to 5,000 Evergreen Hindi Songs with Saregama Carvaan. No internet required. No ad breaks.
28 Dec '19
S1 E14 . Rabish Pahuche Shaadi Mein
#RajaRabishKumar is back. And this time, he is covering a very glamorous event - an Indian wedding! From debates that happen in a baarat to how the groom remains confused throughout the wedding, Raja Ji is covering the entire wedding scene. In fact, he is also empathizing with the often ignored bride’s brother who is busy taking care of all the wedding chores and is usually left with little or no time to groom himself and look attractive. Raja Ji feels for such a deprived group of men and
28 Jan '20
S1 E15 . लौंडों का Lockdown
We've been quarantined in our homes for over two months now. And the hardest hit by the lockdown are the youth of the country, who can neither go out to meet their friends or have a smoke. So, to highlight their issues our beloved Raja Rabish Kumar is making a comeback. Watch his latest report to understand the pain.
27 May '20
S1 E16 . Unlock 2.0
The lockdown was difficult but the unlock hasn’t been easy either. Amidst the chaos and confusion, Rabish Kumars talks to the youth and investigates how they have been dealing with the changed plans. We are all trying to adapt to the new normal. With a little bit of smart and safe investments, you can make the best of this time and fulfill your short term goals by putting aside your savings in #ETMONEY’s Fixed deposits that offers you an interest rate of up to 7.35%. 
08 Aug '20
S1 E17 . IPL Special
India ka tyohar - IPL is here, again! There is madness all around except Dinda Academy. .Follow Raja Rabish kumar in his latest report as he interacts with different breeds of IPL and cricket fans.
01 Apr '21