Hello! - Season 2 (2018)

Release Date 29 Dec 2018
Season 2
Total Seasons 2
Genre Adult, Drama, Thriller
Language Bengali
Platform Hoichoi, Youtube


Life changes for Nandita when she receives a series of MMS with romantic messages that expose her husband Ananya's extra-marital affair with Nina. As the mystery thickens, Nandita realises...
Hello! is Bengali Adult-Drama web series with Priyanka Sarkar and Raima Sen in the lead role. It is currently streaming at Hoichoi and Youtube.

Where to watch season 2 of Hello! online?

You can watch season 2 online here at Hoichoi , Youtube and Youtube .

Cast & Creator

The full cast of Hello! includes Priyanka Sarkar, Raima Sen and Joy Sengupta. The show is stacked with the popular stars. Among the lead cast, Priyanka Sarkar and Raima Sen have also worked together in KAYA: The Mystery Unfolds in past. Priyanka Sarkar has also worked in movies like Obhishopto Nighty, Aami Vs Tumi and Sultan: The Saviour. Raima Sen has also worked in movies like Parineeta, Vodka Diaries and Mirch. .

Other Seasons for Hello!

Season 2

List of Episodes for Season 2

S2 E1 . She Is Mine
The lives of Nandita and Ananyo take several turns. Nandita finds herself at Nina's place, where the latter is seen ridiculing Ananyo for judging her wrong.
29 Dec '18
S2 E2 . Belphool
Nandita and Ananyo hurl blame games on each other, while it's time for some messages from an unknown number, this time to be received by Ananyo.
29 Dec '18
S2 E3 . Ke eshechilo ghore?
Anonyo is angry about Nandita getting intimate with Nina who finds a bloody handkerchief and starts to doubt Anonyo for behaving strangely.
29 Dec '18
S2 E4 . Love, liar, loft
Anonyo is shocked and scared to see some unexpected guests at his door, one after the other. Will Anonyo's misdeeds be finally caught?
29 Dec '18
S2 E5 . Laal Lipstick
Ananyo suffers from an accident while trying to escape the bizarre situations and Nina's visions. Who is trying to trap him?
29 Dec '18
S2 E6 . She Is Coming For Us
Nandita and Ananyo start coming close to each other amidst all the complications, but someone is keeping a watch on all of their activities.
29 Dec '18
S2 E7 . Lakkhi Thakur Confusing
Ananyo’s family is busy preparing for Lakshmi Puja, while suddenly few unwanted guests arrive at his place searching for him.
29 Dec '18
S2 E8 . The Story Begins!
While everyone is gathering for the puja, Nandita and Ananyo receive messages simultaneously that will change their lives, forever.
29 Dec '18