Life, Lafde Aur Bandhiyan (2016)

Release Date 04 Mar 2016
Season 1
Genre Comedy
Language Hindi
Platform Youtube, Bindass


Three 20 year olds - Rishabh, Puppy and Chewang vow to make legends of themselves on their campus, after being humiliated for being total losers.
Life, Lafde Aur Bandhiyan is Hindi Comedy web series with Ayush Mehra and Harshit Sidwani in the lead role. It is currently streaming at Youtube and Bindass.

Where to watch season 1 of Life, Lafde Aur Bandhiyan online?

You can watch season 1 online here at Youtube and Bindass .

Cast & Creator

The full cast of Life, Lafde Aur Bandhiyan includes Ayush Mehra, Harshit Sidwani and Payal Thapa. Ayush Mehra has also worked in shows Mom & Co., Dishaheen Navyuva Helpline For Clueless Millennials and Operation MBBS and movies like Kacchey Limbu. The creator of the show is not known at this time.

List of Episodes for Season 1

S1 E1 . Panga Ho Gaya
Rishabh Puppy and Chewang get humiliated in college by Spunky Narula (the campus stud) for a photoshopped picture of Rishabh and Spunky’s girlfriend, Anju! Rishabh vows to steal Anju away from Spunky some day!
04 Mar '16
S1 E2 . Half Girlfriend
Rishabh, Puppy and Chewang solicit the services of a firang to be Rishabh’s Half Girlfriend to become famous in campus and also to get Anju’s attention! But all hell breaks loose when Rishabh’s father finds out!
11 Mar '16
S1 E3 . Love-Date Lag Gaye!
Chewang creates a dating app that becomes famous on campus, but firangs start using the app to get through to new customers! Leading up to ACP Rathore launching an investigation into the scandal!
18 Mar '16
S1 E4 . Picture Hit Hai!
Rishabh is going to kiss a girl for the first time, not wanting to muck up his first kiss ever, he decides he must practice on a picture of Chewang’s mom and his Daadi catches him in the act!.
25 Mar '16
S1 E5 . Vastraheen Ladka
Rishabh agrees to pose in the nude for an human anatomy sketching class after a girl student seduces him into doing it, but after the class, he figures they’ve drawn his anatomy a little too small and someone has made the image the cover photo on the Arts group on Facebook and tagged his parents on his small anatomy!.
01 Apr '16
S1 E6 . Kutte ki Maut Marega
With a plan to impress Anju with his swag, Rishabh takes his dad’s car out for a spin, he intends to swerve and drift by Anju’s house so she’ll get impressed, but he accidentally runs over Anju’s dog making it impossible for him to be seen with that car again!
08 Apr '16
S1 E7 . Chewang Toh Tota Nikli
Chewang decides to get a make over in order to get the attention of Professor Varma at a party at Rishabh’s house one evening, when his parents have left him alone at home!
15 Apr '16
S1 E8 . Krishna Krishna!
Rishabh, Puppy, Chewang, Sanjog Bhalla and Lord Krishna go on a road trip to try and win back Anju when she gives him a window of opportunity!
20 Apr '16
S1 E9 . Caneda Waali Hot Didi
Rishabh’s hot second cousin from Canada comes down to their house and comes on to Rishabh, he wonders how much damage can be caused by dating his cousin!
27 Apr '16
S1 E10 . Kidney Soni Kudi
Rishabh goads Anju into giving him her kidney as she has the same blood group as his Daadi who might have a kidney failure soon!
04 May '16
S1 E11 . Chewang Gham
Prof. Varma, the man Chewang loves, is in love with Chewang’s mother, and now it is up to Rishabh and Puppy from preventing Chewang’s heart from breaking! Also, Spunky humiliates Rishabh yet again!
12 May '16
S1 E12 . Puppy Donor
16 Dec '16
S1 E13 . Break Up
After Rishabh does something so utterly unforgivable that ends up embarrassing him and his family, he is sent to an Ashram in Mathura. Anju breaks up with both Rishabh and Spunky!
25 May '16