Please Find Attached - Season 2 (2020)

Release Date 30 Oct 2020
Season 2
Total Seasons 2
Genre Drama, Adventure
Language Hindi
Platform Youtube


Meet Shaurya and Sanya. Two young millennials who are trying to find right balance between their work and personal lives in suburban Mumbai. Come on a journey with them as they constantly struggle to find the right work life balance. Can they work it out?
Please Find Attached is Hindi Drama-Adventure web series with Ayush Mehra and Barkha Singh in the lead role. It is currently streaming at Youtube.

Where to watch season 2 of Please Find Attached online?

You can watch season 2 online here at Youtube .

Cast & Creator

The full cast of Please Find Attached includes Ayush Mehra, Barkha Singh, Ritika Murthy and Paromita Chatterjee. Ayush Mehra has also worked in shows Mom & Co., Dishaheen Navyuva Helpline For Clueless Millennials and Life, Lafde Aur Bandhiyan. Barkha Singh has also worked in shows Engineering Girls, Home Sweet Office and Bazaar Travels and movies like Mujhse Dosti Karoge! and House Arrest. The creator of the series is Gaurav Dashputra, who has also created shows FilterCopy Talkies and Fairy Lights.

Other Seasons for Please Find Attached

Season 2

List of Episodes for Season 2

S2 E1 . New Roles
Having finally admitted their feelings to each other, Shaurya and Sanya's honeymoon weekend is over and they must get back to reality. With Shaurya up for a promotion and Sanya doubtful about her growth in this company, what is this new couple in for?
30 Oct '20
S2 E2 . Milestones
With appraisals around the corner, Shaurya and Sanya brace themselves for the unexpected. Eventually, Shaurya gets his first real lesson in team management and Sanya makes a crucial decision to help her get what she wants..#DicePFA2 powered by Closeup & co-powered by So Good
04 Nov '20
S2 E3 . Month-iversary
To mark 3 months of being together, Shaurya convinces Sanya to organise something for their "monthiversary." However, things begin to get complicated as Shaurya finds himself working directly with Sanya - for the first time since they started dating.
09 Nov '20
S2 E4 . Choices
Shaurya eventually ends up at Akhil’s party but to his surprise does not feel like he belongs there. Meanwhile, Ratna invites Sanya to have a drink with her. Sanya still upset about Shaurya lying to her begins to feel better with Ratna and her friends. To her surprise Shaurya shows up there as well to save their monthi-versary. However, things seem to go in the opposite direction soon .
14 Nov '20
S2 E5 . Time Off
Shaurya’s presentation does not go as planned and he ends up overpromising samples to the client on a three day deadline. This leads to the team having to work round the clock. Meanwhile, Sanya makes a plan to take a break from work and convinces Shaurya to do go somewhere together. Both Shaurya and Sanya finally spend some quality time with each other but things take a turn when Shaurya gets a call from Vinod.
19 Nov '20
S2 E6 . Last Shot
Sanya decides to move back to her room. Shaurya isn’t happy about this. To make things worse Akhil is hard on him for overpromising and almost losing the client. Akhil demands that the team fixes the situation and gets them another chance.
24 Nov '20