Singa Penne (2020)

Release Date 22 Dec 2020
Season 1
Total Seasons 2
Genre Drama, Romance
Language Tamil
Platform ZEE5


Singa Penne is a ZEE5 Original Tamil drama series starring Arnav, Payal, Uday, and Kutti Padmini in the lead roles. The story revolves around Mahalakshmi, an independent village girl, who decides to break the stereotype and train herself for the Border Security Force. What's Mahalakshmi's motive behind joining the security force and can she find success in her breakthrough journey?
Singa Penne is Tamil Drama-Romance web series with Payal and Kutti Padmini in the lead role. It is currently streaming at ZEE5.

Where to watch season 1 of Singa Penne online?

You can watch season 1 online here at ZEE5 .

Cast & Creator

The full cast of Singa Penne includes Payal, Kutti Padmini and Uday. Payal has also worked in shows Riti Riwaj and Tharagathi Gadhi Daati and movies like Krishan Avtaar. Kutti Padmini has also worked in movies like Aval Appadithan, Kuzhandaiyum Deivamum and Avargal. .

Other Seasons for Singa Penne

Season 1

List of Episodes for Season 1

S1 E1 . Serendipity
After excelling in her written exams, Maha struggles in her physical test at the BSF. Upset, she breaks down in her room. A flashback reveals her first meeting with Arjun.
22 Dec '20
S1 E2 . Boomerang
Arjun pours cow dung on Maha to take his revenge. On the other hand, Rasappa is all set to go to any extent and kill anyone for his benefit, who is his next target?
22 Dec '20
S1 E3 . Rasappa's Wrath
Upset with Arjun's action, Maha prays to God to punish him. Arjun and his friends meet the Captain to announce Suresh's impending wedding. Later, they stand up for the welfare of farmers in the village, earning the wrath of Rasappa. Maha and Akila visit Arjun's grandmother's house to collect the money she owes to Maha's father, and plan to steal Arjun's phone.
22 Dec '20
S1 E4 . The Chase
Maha steals Arjun's grandmother's phone by mistake. Arjun chases her but finally gives up. Later, Maha tells Soundaravalli that her grandson is running after a girl while returning her phone. But Arjun explains the entire situation to Soundaravalli. Later, the truth about the Captain's wife's condition is revealed.
22 Dec '20
S1 E5 . Rasathi Looks for Hope
Maha's father confiscates her phone as a punishment for not collecting Rs. 3000 as agreed. Rasathi, Marimuthu's wife, lights a lamp to get rid of her hardships at a diya ceremony.
22 Dec '20
S1 E6 . Money Matters
Suresh pledges his land to Rasappa in exchange for money to enter the BSF through an agency. Marimuthu commits suicide after Rasappa threatens him for non-payment of debt. Desperate for her phone, Maha approaches Arjun for money who is willing to give it to her on the condition that she works for him. Sethupathi confesses his feelings for Maha to Akila and requests her to put in a good word for him.
22 Dec '20
S1 E7 . Maha's First Day at Work
Maha starts working in the field but ends up hurting herself. She gets upset with Arjun when he tells her he will pay her only the next day. Captain informs Arjun and friends about the agency trap unaware of Suresh's deal with them. Meanwhile, Maha is forced to continue working for Arjun without money as she is unable to find the shirt he lent her the previous day.
22 Dec '20
S1 E8 . Arjun Takes on Rasappa
Arjun pays Maha, but she realises that it is the same money she had lost. Rasappa insults Rasathi for non-payment of her late husband's debt. Rasathi seeks help from Soundaravalli. When Arjun hears of Rasappa's behaviour towards Rasathi, he decides to take on Rasappa and his men but ends up in jail.
22 Dec '20
S1 E9 . Arjun's BSF Dream
The Captain gets Arjun and friends out of jail. Maha tells Arjun that she is impressed by the way he fought for Rasathi and hopes that he makes it to the BSF. Later, Arjun injures himself while exercising and can't stop thinking about Maha.
22 Dec '20
S1 E10 . Unrequited Love
Rasappa starts looking for an alliance for Sethupathi who confesses his love to Maha. Malar professes her love for Anwar, but he does not reciprocate. Maha tells Sethupathi that she does not love him. Later, Maha's father collapses and Arjun rushes to his aid.
22 Dec '20
S1 E11 . Arjun, The Saviour
The doctor informs that Maha's father had a heart attack, but Arjun's timely help saved his life. In the meanwhile, Soundaravalli realises that Malar is in love with Anwar and supports her. But Arjun's father is firm on his decision to get Malar married to Arjun.
22 Dec '20
S1 E12 . Maha's Love for Arjun
Maha and Arjun's feelings for each other grow stronger. However, when Maha learns about Arjun and Malar's alliance, she loses her cool on Soundaravalli assuming she's behind the alliance. Her act makes Soundaravalli realise that Maha is in love with Arjun.
22 Dec '20
S1 E13 . The Unfulfiled Dream
A misunderstanding erupts between Maha and Arjun. Rasappa wins the draw to lift the idol for the 3rd consecutive year, but Arjun realises the draw was rigged. Maha's father reveals that he has fixed her marriage, breaking her heart. In the present, Maha refuses to be admitted to the hospital despite her ill health and pushes herself to become a BSF Commando. Will her dream come true?
22 Dec '20
S1 E14 . Maha's Refusal
Arjun and Anwar try to find out why the children of the village are falling ill. Maha confides in her aunt and tells her she doesn't want to marry the boy her father has found for her. Will her aunt be able to save Maha from the alliance?
22 Dec '20
S1 E15 . Hide and Seek
Rasappa manages to cover his tracks when the press arrives at his factory. He plans to create a rift between Anwar and Arjun with Sethu. On the other hand, Maha's family receives news about the boy her father had found agreeing to the alliance with her. Maha tells Arjun about this development to make him jealous, but Arjun retaliates and calls Akila annoying Maha. What has Akila been hiding from everyone?
22 Dec '20
S1 E16 . The Unexpected Happens
After Pandi instigates a fight between Anwar and Arjun's fathers, the friends decide not to let the altercation affect their relationship. When the discussion on who should oppose Rasappa in the upcoming elections begins, the Captain suggests a name that Anwar can't help but agree on. In the meanwhile, something unexpected happens between Maha and Arjun shocking everyone.
22 Dec '20
S1 E17 . The Hidden Thief
After Arjun invites Akila for a movie and takes her on a ride on his cycle, Maha gets jealous. Later, his grandmother finds the cycle in pieces. Sethu tells his brother that Rasathi is opposing them in the upcoming elections.
22 Dec '20
S1 E18 . Election Fever
Pandi informs Sethu about Rasathi's door-to-door voting campaign. Sethu then asks the director to give him ideas to get votes. Suresh gets his acceptance mail from the BSF and encourages Arjun to pay money to the agency. In the meanwhile, Maha is asked to meet her would-be groom. Can she find her way out of this alliance?
22 Dec '20
S1 E19 . The Game Plan
After Arjun's father refuses to give him money to pay the agency, Arjun finds help from his grandmother. In the meanwhile, Maha scares away the man her father has found for her. Suresh gets confused on seeing Akila and Arjun together. But, Arjun reveals that he is acting affectionate towards Akila to make Maha jealous. Will Maha find out about Arjun's plan?
22 Dec '20
S1 E20 . A False Impression
After the Captain brings his wife back home due to her worsening condition, she misunderstands Rasathi to be his second wife. Maha gives Sethu a piece of her mind when she discovers that he was pretending to donate money to the needy to woo her. But what happens when Arjun reaches the spot? Does Maha change her mind and give him a taste of his own medicine?
22 Dec '20
S1 E21 . A Political Affair
Suresh and Kolkila's wedding is postponed after he gets to know that his joining date for BSF coincides with his wedding. Rasathi tries to leave the Captain's home after he rescues her from Rasappa's men as Rasappa tries to ruin their reputation. Will he manage to stop her, and will she change her mind about standing for the elections?
22 Dec '20
S1 E22 . A Friend in Need
Arjun turns the tables on Rasappa and Sethu, disheartening the latter. Suresh and Kokila's wedding takes place, but Rasappa forbids Suresh from leaving before he repays his loan. Arjun tries to help Suresh arrange the money and learns a secret his father has been hiding from everyone. Will he find a way to help his friend?
22 Dec '20
S1 E23 . Rasathi Wins the Election
Sethu is disqualified from the election after he and Rasappa try to bribe the election officer. Rasathi is declared the winner. Akila tries to convince Sethu to trap Arjun as that will help him get Maha. What will Sethu's next move be?
22 Dec '20
S1 E24 . A Trap
Arjun agrees to work for Rasappa and clear Suresh's debt. Later, when Arjun's family questions him about working for Rasappa, he reveals the truth of giving away the land papers, upsetting his grandmother. In the meanwhile, Maha makes a life-changing decision to help Arjun out of this situation.
22 Dec '20
S1 E25 . The Final Chapter
Rasappa agrees to get Sethu and Maha married and dismisses Arjun from his house. Arjun gets furious and confronts Maha when he learns of this. In the present day, Maha almost reaches her breaking point. But, what happened to Arjun, and where is he? Is everyone right about him, or is Maha's intuition correct?
22 Dec '20