The Better Half (2017)

Release Date 23 Jun 2017
Season 1
Total Seasons 5
Genre Drama
Language Hindi
Platform Youtube


From the makers of MEN THE REAL VICTIMS, comes a new tale of husband wife banter! Is it the BETTER half, or the BITTER half?
The Better Half is Hindi Drama web series with Mohit Hussein and Chhavi Mittal in the lead role. It is currently streaming at Youtube.

Where to watch season 1 of The Better Half online?

You can watch season 1 online here at Youtube .

Cast & Creator

The full cast of The Better Half includes Mohit Hussein, Chhavi Mittal and Sukant Goel. Chhavi Mittal has also worked in shows The Family Vacation, Dolly Ki Shaadi and Maid In Heaven. The creator of the series is MOHIT HUSSEIN, who has also created shows Dolly Ki Shaadi, Thank God For Friends and Be Safe and films like Kaisay Kahein....

Other Seasons for The Better Half

List of Episodes for Season 1

S1 E1 . The Miscommunication
When the husband and wife have a clear case of miscommunication, who has the last word?
23 Jun '17
Have you ever felt like saying something to your spouse but have not had the guts? And then you find the perfect video that conveys your emotions & you just share it? Watch this hilarious episode of THE BETTER HALF where Rishi & Rohini play the game of one-upmanship by means of video wars! Can you guess who will win it?
21 Jul '17
S1 E3 . Biwi Ki Expectations
The wife has certain expectations from their husbands. Do you live up to your wife’s expectations? Watch to find out if Rishi does!.
28 Jul '17
Ever thought of making a weekend plan? Ever thought of making any plan at all? Don’t you forget to “discuss” it with your wife first! Rishi forgot to do that and see what he faced with Rohini in episode 4 of The Better Half, BIWI SE DISCUSSION.
18 Aug '17
S1 E5 . Biwi Ka Bday
For a wife her birthday is the most special day in the year. But who is responsible for making it special for her? It’s the husband! Watch what Rishi does to make Rohini’s b’day special for her in episode 5 of The Better Half – BIWI KA B’DAY.
25 Aug '17
Sometimes the annoying way a wife behaves is actually her way of expressing her love for her husband. Rohini gets extremely jealous when Rishi talks about another girl’s beauty. She feels so threatened, that everything else he says after that implies that he finds that certain girl attractive. But even though their fight escalates and egos clash, Rohini does not miss her Karwachauth fast for her beloved husband, and neither does Rishi forget to make her feel loved on this auspicious occasion! Wa
06 Oct '17
S1 E7 . The Diwali Hustle
Diwali is here and along with all the lights & crackers & fun & frolic, it also brings the pressure of gifting! While we cannot put enough stress on the necessity of saving our environment as well as playing a safe one, the onus of gifting is also real and solid! What do you gift to whom and how many gifts in all do you buy? Well, a lot of times, many of us, (maybe all of us?) play “passing the parcel” on Diwali with our friends and loved ones. It does not in any way mean that we love them any l
17 Oct '17
No matter what kind of a woman she is, a wife is always super worried when it comes to her husband’s health. Looking after her man is her second nature. Have you ever experienced or witnessed a couple, where the wife hits the panic button the second there is a red flag in her husband’s blood report? Even the most timid woman becomes a tigress and takes charge when there are certain diet Dos & DON’Ts to be set. Watch how Rohini goes to unthinkable extremes to rectify the slight increase in Rishi’
01 Dec '17